We are full discipline International Engineering & Sales Group serving the Public and Private Sectors and the Petroleum Industries and Environment Protection and have a sister company “Caws Agency Nigeria”. Our expertise covers the following sectors:

  • Procurement

  • Consultancy

  • Business Valuations and Project Financing

  • Communication

  • Waste Management

  • Electrical Engr.

  • Safety Tech.

  • Instrumentation Engr.

  • Mechanical Engr.



  • To be the Premier Engineering, Consulting, procurement, safety, flow technology Services Company in the ECOWAS regions


  • Applying our  technical  excellence,  electrical  systems  and entrepreneurial skills in a global marketplace to your best advantage.


  • Developing the entrepreneurial skills of our  personnel  so  that technical decisions are business decision.

  • Utilizing systems designed for the  information age,  which  enhance product quality and improve productivity

  • Continually expanding our technology base so that our clients benefit from innovative and cost effective process solutions.

CAWS are a full discipline engineering group serving the Private and Public Sectors and the Petroleum & Environment Protection Industries. Through CAWS and it alliance, we provide quality services within the fields of Sales, Engineering, Procurement, Communications, Safety Technology, Civil and Infrastructure (Large-scale road building, rural gasification pipelines and municipal building design and construction), Industrial Electrification, Power Energy, General Cleaning Services, Consultancy, Flow Technology and Maintenance at the local international levels.

We are leading player in the sale of Electrical Power and Energy System, Mechanical & Instrumentation, Electrical & Automation with full Technical support to End-users, Safety, Flow Technology and cleaning Servicing company
in Nigeria, indigenous and retaining those offshore links through 100% ownership,. The strength of our company lies in the depth and breath of our experience coupled with the experience of CAWS staff. As an Indigenous company, we have been providing services to all sectors of the economy and have gained significant experience within the African continent.

CAWS functions on the premise that effective response to issues involving projects requires a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained and experienced personnel. The team must have the ability to efficiently integrate consulting and locally based field services to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client and unique situation. From this founding promise, CAWS has grown to incorporate a proven combination of inter-related technical Services and professional staffs.

CAWS are designed to provide a one-stop approach to project development. In addition to undertaking all areas of project management, CAWS conducts market

studies, arrangement of project financing through debt and equity mechanisms. We analyze the political, environmental, economic, and social factors within a given country. CAWS assess country and project risks and then designs appropriate measures to mitigate those risks. To optimize our business solutions, we rely on innovation; bringing creative ideas to financial and legal structure, and developing appropriate exit strategies for investors.

CAWS has arranged project financial through EDC, IFC, Investment Bankers and Venture Capitals on a non-recourse basis.


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