Who CAWS Serve?

CAWS provide solutions to a broad spectrum of the public and private sector, energy industry and environmental sector. We specifically target the medium size projects and markets which major international engineering contractors may not handle cost effectively.


…Successfully, completed projects on five locations. We have capability to perform 350,000 man-hours per year of process, process control and information system professional services.

…Has the ability to manage all sizes of project from small to large projects. Our project management systems are specially designed, procurement, installs and organized to manage projects, which are too small for major EPC contractors to handle cost effectively. Our electronic systems, procedures, drawings, and specifications can be transmitted to any office in the world, which has similar software.



 CAWS main purpose is to understand our client’s business and add value to their operations.


Our client’s short-term and long-term objective, financial criteria, definition of quality, time constraints, project budget, etc.


We have the ability to complete business valuations, market and arrange project financing. We have in-house business professionals who can complete market assessments and complete commercial viability studies, develop business plans, and prepare documents required by financial institutions.

CAWS has worked with the following institutions to arrange project financing; Total Exploration & Production Limited (Total E & P), ExxonMobil, LNG, Agip

etc. Bother EDC and IFC have been willing to lead bank syndications for infrastructure development Projects.



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