CAWS Services includes:





 CAWS  will  develop  a  set procurement and  materials  management  procedures, for client approval, as follows:

*     Develop a procurement plan for equipment and subcontracts which addresses the following:

-        Schedule of activities


-        Correspondence flow


-        Approvals required


-        Bidding requirements


-        Low dollar value purchases


-        Evaluation requirements


-        Recommendation requirements


-        Technical requirements.


        Obtain approval of plan


        Organize payment drawing account and procedures


        Prepare standard formats for the following documents


-        Pre-award with vendors and notification to client of said meetings


-        Inquiry of material


-        Inquiry of services


-        Recommendation letter


-        Letter of intent


-        Purchase order for equipment


-        Contract for service and material


-        Construction contact


-        Document notification to the client of final inspection


-        Prepare formats for the following reports:



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